In October 2014, our new public school, Colegio Bilingue dedicated to Dr. Lynne Guitar, was inaugurated by the Canadian Ambassador Sr. Aladin Legault D' Auteuil. We teach students Spanish, English, and French. Since our community has some of the highest illiteracy rates in  Santo Domingo, we provide free education and meals for nearly 200 students...(click to read more)

Education is the Key to Progress & Success

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Fundación Centro Cultural Guanin, Inc. is a Dominican non-profit organization located in the small town of La Piedra. We focus on developing programs to meet our community's needs. Programs include social/cultural events, educational sessions, health clinics/information sessions, agricultural planning, community development, and more!

Although we are hard at work, we still have plenty to do to make this community the best it can be. We would love if you would join us!

Guanin Community Center

The Central Guanin community center is the life blood of the foundation and the people in La Piedra. Here we provide, schooling, medical assistance, volunteer programs, community meeting spaces, and a place of safety and fun for the entire community. The community center serves as the hub for all things within the foundation. DR. Lynne Guitar's Colegio Bilingue is at the center of this proving free education to the youth in the area.

Center of Education
Center of Education

We have many community development plans underway and could use your help to:

  • Build roads

  • Develop an urban community

  • Build school, medical center, and hospital

  • Create jobs for everyone, especially single mothers

  • Continue Adult develpment skills

  • And create programs that address at risk demographics 

We provide free medical attention to approximately 5,000 inhabitants. The community of La Piedra lacks health-care centers and heavily rely on our small first-aid and medical dispensary. There are no first-aid centers, hospitals, or clinics nearby. This lack of accessibility has caused many grave injuries to only be made worst when traveling into town across the dangerous road by motorcycle (only means of transportation for most). Our Pre-med program is one way look to address these issues as we hope to expand our medical facilities.

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Comunity Development
Medical Clinic
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Guanin Members, Friends and Family


Calle Santa Monica No. 30, Los Frailes Primero

Esquina Juan Francisco, Santo Domingo Este.

Rep. Dominicana

Telephone : ​809-435-1980

Fax : 809-599-6120
Email : ,

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